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46-320 Praszka, Polen

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Welcome to NORMET

NORMET company has been formed in 1980. The company has 34 years of experience in metal treatment. Our company concentrates on machining and whole range of locksmith services. Nowadays we have two production halls and several employees.
Our services are on the highest level and its quality is guaranteed by our experienced employees and good machine park.

Many big and medium polish and foreign companies are our customers. They value competence and reliability of services provided by our company.

During those 34 years company survived many unfavorable periods in history of polish economy. It is a proof of quality and trust granted by our customers. We can produce from customers materials or our own (all highest quality materials).
We perform quality inspections on our own. In thermo-chemical treatment the company cooperates with best contractors.

We are answering your questions as soon as possible and your order will always be performed reliably and on time. We can offer our own transport for material collection and finished product delivery.

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