Below you can see some examples of services provided by our company:
Spare parts for ironworks or mines, e.g.:

- Rolls made from abrasion proofed materials: shafts, sprockets, disc springs, guillotine cutters – flat and formed; based on customer’s specification, delivered examples, used thermo-chemical treated elements

Spare parts for casting machines, e.g.:
- Bolts, chambers, bushings, pistons, rods, between the pistons and other parts based on drawing or samples; 2m long turning
- milling on normal or numerical machines,
- turning,
- drilling
- cylindrical grinding, holes and planes
- external threads grinding, e.g. various screw taps
- heat treatment
- gas and electric welding
- sprue bushings and chambers for aluminum and zamak (WCL 1.2343 or 1.2344), iron pistons and copper alloys Numerical and CNC turning.
Numerical and CNC milling – table 1700mm long.

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